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             I joined this institute in 2011, it was hard to comprehend, that this institution will be accredited by PM&DC in 58 days after its inception and will progress so fast that only in two year time, it was among the top five Medical Colleges of Pakistan. AJKMC is the first Medical College in public sector, which adopted and persuaded “System-Based Integrated Modular Curriculum”. I am satisfied that the faculty development program, which we initiated is bringing fruits in the form of very efficient local faculty. The distinctiveness of AJ&K Medical College is that it not only produces the finest quality of physicians but trains a health care work force with vision to meet the professional challenges. I pray to Almighty Allah for speedy growth of this institution and wellbeing for all those who contributed in this noble cause.





Prof. Dr. Sarosh Majid Salaria


AJK Medical College Muzaffarabad.




  Dr. Sarosh Majid Salaria  

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